House Rules


Observations and practice of these rules are in courtesy, for the safety and wellbeing of all the tenants residing in HomestayHanoi.


1.   Always clean oily substance on cooking pans, dishes, bowls, … with tissue paper before washing to avoid greasy congestion of the drainage system.


2.  No tissues papers or napkins in toilet bowl. Always flush toilet after use. In case of toilet-bowl and drainage congestion, use public toilets on the ground floor and 2nd floor, and inform the bursar for maintenance.


3.  Moving of heavy furniture should either be handles with care or refer to bursar for help.

4.  Do not make noise in courtesy of all residents or jumping in the apartment in courtesy of residents downstairs.

5.   Wooden furniture can be cleaned with dry material, not washed with water.

6.  Keep your apartment clean, tidy, and no foul smell. Maintenance of furniture and building facilities, cleaning service is provided once a week free of charge and on schedule (see Laundry, Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule).

7. Turn off gas cookers after use. Turn off air-conditioner, light bulbs of your room or bathroom, lock the doors of your apartment when you leave.

8. Keep Homestay Hanoi informed how you can be contacted should someone asked about you, especially at your lengthy absence from the residence.

9. Keep the gate key(s) and apartment key(s) carefully. Report of key loss must be immediately after notified.


10. Read fire instruction carefully and check where in the apartment you can get the CO2 & Foam Fire Extinguisher for immediate use at emergency. Make sure you use the stair in case of fire & emergency.

11. Don’t throw cigarette ends, dead or burning, and rubbish over the window, which disturbs the neighbours and causes annoyance. Don’t smoke in lift cabin.


12. Read Laundry Schedule and make sure you know how to use washing machine and tumble drier.( see Laundry, Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule).



Tenants are strongly advised to make an appointment for face-to-face communication (if necessary) with HomestayHanoi Owner in English & Vietnamese in case of any requests, queries, complaints and reports. Otherwise, contact him at 0914373441 (voice call or text message), or email to [email protected], or drop paper-based comments to Comment Box. All tenants’ requests, queries, complaints and reports will be either responded in words / actions the soonest possible, or refused after comprehensively processed and consideration.



Breaching of rules 1,2,5,7,9,12 from misuse that results in damage of equipment and facilities will lead to tenants’ liability to penalty and charge of repair, or cost of purchasing new equipment for replacement. Such compensations must be made payable in VND or equivalent in USD within 03 (three) days since the damage(s) reported or notified. Once no compensation due after those 03 (three) days, tenant(s) will be informed to return all the keys and leave the Residence within the next 03 (three) days without receiving the deposit and the rest of rental payment.

First-time breaching of rules 3,4,9,11 that causes annoyance and disturbance in HomestayHanoi will be informed to tenants in email, voice phonecall, text message, and on-door notice. Second-time breaching means the tenant(s) will have to leave the residence 03 days after being advised in paper-based letter from HomestayHanoi bursar. 

This regulation details and specifies in concrete terms, and in compliance with, the Lease Contract on Responsibilities of the two Parties. Lessee(s) are advised to read and understand the rules before signing the lease contract.

This regulation is written in Vietnamese and some major foreign languages with equal validity, and will be referred to in case of dispute(s).

This regulation can be found in the website, listed in the file in the apartment, and wall mounted at several passages in the residence.


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