HomestayHanoi always welcomes all questions and queries from anyone who finds the house a destination in Vietnam

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1) What is the minimum age to apply with Hanoi Homestay? Our minimum age is 18 year old. You also must be 18 years or older to complete a homestay application with us.

2) What is the minimum stay? The minimum stay is 6 months.

3) What items will be in my room?  Each accommodation contains a bed and bed linens, a desk and a chair, dresser/closet, four apartments (Babilon, Dragona, Empero and Fantasy) have kitchen, … (See slideshow photos and video of each apartment for more details)

4) Are utilities included? Electricity and safe water use is measured by counter and tenants pay on the last day of the month.

5) Is Internet access included? Yes, wired and wireless

6) Will I have my own bathroom? All studio rooms and apartment have bathroom, but bathroom supplies are not included, like your own shampoo, soap, towels, tooth paste, brush, shaving gel, raiser, and toilet paper.

7) Is Hanoi Homestay near transportation? Bus stop is in front of the house. 10 minutes taxi to Hanoi Railway Station, NoiBai National Airport Pick-up Car Pool, and two Coach Terminals (coaches leave Luong Yen for northern provinces and from Giap Bat for southern provinces). We will assist you with information/map and show residents first time in Hanoi how to travel around the city especially on the first week after arrival.

8) Can I cook my own meals? four apartments (Babilon, Dragona, Empero and Fantasy) have kitchen with basic utensils provided but you have to follow the kitchen hygiene and safety habits of doing things. You should take the time with us to go over using kitchen equipment and utensils after arrival. Same with laundry facilities and security system. Hanoi Homestay also offers 3 studio rooms: Dragona has kitchen, Columbus will be installed upon request and Atlantic is without kitchen. If you agree to book no-kitchen studio, we understand that you usually have late-hour work schedule and you prefer to eat out.

9) Can I ask Hanoi Homestay to help? Yes, indeed. The host family has many years of experience and may become a great resource of information and options when available.

10) Will I receive a key to the house to come in out? Yes. Please note that a key is responsibility and point of trust in you by the owner of Hanoi Homestay. Ensure that you ask for permission when you wish to invite a stranger, or your friends to the house. If you break the house rule, a written notice will be sent to you with a penalty be applied.

11) May I smoke in the house? Not at all in all rooms and in lift cabin. The only designated area with an ashtray for smokers is in the roof-top garden but you have to make sure the smoke-fly does not disturb others who by chance enjoy the fresh air up there, and most importantly, NOT AT ALL ALLOWED to throw cigarette ends to the neighboring-house roofs, that can cause fire. Written notice will be given to residents who smoke inside their accommodation if the host family, the security, or other residents detect the smell. You are kindly required to respect the sake of good health and wellbeing of all. Please note that in most cities and towns in Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia, smoking is banned by laws inside buildings, restaurants, airports, hospitals, or public areas.

12) Can I do laundry in Hanoi Homestay? Yes. We will show you where the laundry facilities are and how to use operate the laundry machine and the tumble drier without damaging your clothing.

13) Will I be able to go shopping? Yes. Markets, shopping boutiques, malls are all around Hanoi Homestay. We will show residents first time in Hanoi where and how to go shopping after arrival, and you could take a chance to go out shopping with us. It could save you time, effort, money. We know where to buy things that does not cost you dearly.

14) Will I be able to go sightseeing with my host? Yes. When we have free time; however, your admission ticket to attraction is at your own cost. Also, if you do trips or excursions with us, usually hotels and restaurants costs are not included. Please inquire with us in advance about such costs before.

15) Will I have a curfew (time that I need to return to Hanoi Homestay each night)? You do not have a curfew. However, it is customary that Hanoi locals would be back home before 11.00 pm. Hanoi Homestay has security and in case you come home after 11.00 you can make a call to his cellphone so that he opens the gate. Hosts, including us, usually worry about our residents if all of a sudden they do not come back home as usual. It is commonly so in big cities in regard of law enforcement needed. In general, we want your safety and will give you valuable tips.

16) Can I have a guest come to my Homestay? Yes, but with our agreement at the first time. When we know the person by the face at your introduction, you don’t have to ask for permission again. Our security camera follows all visitors from residence gate to room door. Overnight stay need permission in all cases.

17) Can I stay out overnight? Yes. Let us know that you will be staying outside and how you can be contacted should someone ask about you.

18) What is a "List of House Rules"? House Rules may include requests to lock the doors of your accommodation when you leave, turn off the lights of your room or bathroom before you leave, or avoid making noise at all time, etc. These rules also apply to both members of the host family and guests. Tenants often find “House Rules” on walls.

19) What about injuries and emergency? All accommodation units have First Aid Kit prepared by Hanoi Department of Health Service, fire extinguishers provided by Hanoi Fire Department. All floors have fire hoses, and smoke detectors are installed in all units in West-wing building and ground floor. All doors are under security camera. We will show you how to use all these emergency utilities after arrival. Public staircase is over a meter wide, normally used in case lift is not in operation, will be used in case of fire.
Contact your insurance providers to avoid expensive cost of medical attention and emergency healthcare. You better be prepared for the unexpected. Usually, insurance cost less than a cup of coffee per day but may save you thousands of dollars. Please consult with your own insurance broker or agent in your country of origin before travel.

20) Can I apply early? Yes please. You may certainly apply anytime up to a year in advance. We prefer early applications and we give them good priority in terms of options and availability. Early applications allow us to help you better, but if you have just found out about us, we still would love to assist you.

21) How much are the monthly homestay fees? The homestay fees vary according to accommodation units. We have put together a table of rates based on homestay market rates on our website. Review the homestay cost page for more details.

22) Is it possible to bring a relative or a friend “as a companion” to stay with me? Yes. You do not need to pay extra when your relative or friend shares the same room with you. Companion arrangement must be decided upon in advance at the time of application and detailed information (photocopy of passport, visa, …) about the companion must be attached to written request to us.

23) Do I have to pay deposit and levy and what is the terms of payment? Levy is in Vietnamese currency equivalent to 500 USD and is, by the time you leave, returned to you if you do not cause any damages to the apartment (equipment, furniture, utilities,…) and other property of the residence in general during your stay. All items you are entitled to use in the residence have receipts on purchase, and all damages you cause may take away your levy. In case the damage is larger than your levy, you will have to pay more (i.e. to balance the repairmen bill)

Deposit is in Vietnamese currency equivalent to 3-month stay payment. It is your down-payment confirmation to occupy an apartment in Hanoi Homestay.
Each payment is made at the beginning of and for 6-month span. If you pay for 1 year, you will enjoy a 5% discount. We usually revise the rate after every 2 years and adjust the rate with reference to market price. In theory, the increase is not more than 10% by law.

Review Hanoi Homestay rates for more details.