Gas Cooking: Safety & Instructions

1. Gas cylinder must be vertically on standing in well ventilated compartment and about 1 meter away from heat. Junctions and valves must be in good tight.

2. Absolutely NO spare-parts from gas cylinder are to be removed without permission from technicians/manufacturer.

3. Gas conduits must NOT be close to heat and NOT run under cooker.

4. To avoid rats’ bites, gas conduits, cookers, valves, gas cylinder must always be clean with no left-over food. Gas conduits should regularly be checked with soap. DO NOT use lighter, match fire while checking.

5. Close gas cylinder valve when not in use.

6. If you discover gas smell in the room, DO NOT switch on electric lights, fan, use cellphone. Immediately close valve of gas cylinder. Open all doors, windows and hand fan to let gas out of the room.

7. If you discover the leak, wrap the leak with wet cloth or temporarily seal the hole with soap.

8. If the cooker is on fire while cooking, cover the cooker with wet blanket or put out the fire with fire extinguishers provided.

9. Dial the gas supplier at ………………………… for emergency.

10. If fire is beyond your control, dial 114. In case of professional advice, dial 04 39437500.


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